Jan 23, 2012

Mom Peeve #18 Valentinesdaydrugstorefail

I'll make this short and sweet or savory. I don't actually care a whole lot about Valentine's Day. However, I do care about all the lost souls who will venture into Walgreens, CVS, __________ drugstore thinking,
Yeah, this is definitely the place to get my Sweat heart a gift! 

I know its misleading when the drugstore has 3 aisles jam packed with a sign that reads "Valentines Day Central." Unless you are a junior high, or high school boy, you really shouldn't be buying your lady something "special" from the drug store. That doesn't mean you have to go to Kay jewelers either...unless you want to of course I am sure your lady wouldn't complain. Think about actually writing something heartfelt, doing something heartfelt, or buy the girl a massage.
Can I get a witness?

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